The providers and staff at Pinehurst Family Care Center continue to strive to meet the medical needs of our patients during this very stressful time in our country in dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic. We urge everyone to continue strict adherence to the well-publicized guidelines to limit the potential spread of the virus: the 3 W's of waiting 6 feet apart for social distancing, washing hands frequently with soap for 20 seconds or use of an approved sanitizer product, and wearing a mask! Limit touching of your face, dispose of used tissues promptly, and self-quarantine when showing symptoms of illness. We do offer COVID-19 antigen testing in the afternoon by appointment or can arrange for testing at the FirstHealth drive-thru clinic. At this point, we discourage antibody testing since there is still concern about accuracy and usefulness of such tests.

Our office is making every effort to protect our staff and our patients from exposure. We have installed protective glass barriers in the reception area, instituted extra cleaning measures, and monitor staff health status frequently We are trying to schedule well patients in the morning and early afternoon and sick patients later in the afternoon. Patients are being screened for symptoms on the phone, and those with fever and lower respiratory symptoms are being asked to remain in their car until ready to be seen or an in-car or outdoor COVID test can be done in more suspicious cases. Other sick patients are directed to the separated former pediatric section of our waiting room. 

The current recommendation is for patients with mild symptoms of low fever and upper respiratory symptoms to stay at home and only schedule an office appointment if they have a known exposure to a positive case or moderate symptoms. We recommend going to the ER if having significant lower respiratory symptoms such as shortness of breath, wheezing, or chest pain, or if you have bluish lips or alteration of consciousness that suggest low oxygen levels in your blood.

We encourage you to monitor the changing daily situation regarding numbers of local cases, isolation guidelines, testing availability and recommendations, and other pertinent news by checking reliable websites such as and which provide accurate information based on the evolving scientific knowledge regarding the coronavirus. Please adhere to public health guidelines and BE SAFE!

Douglas E. Lam, M.D.

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