Not Too Late for Flu Shots!

There is still time to get your 2020-21 seasonal flu shot. While we hope for a milder flu season with people adhering to the COVID-19 "3 W's," it is still important to get a flu shot to reduce your risk of contracting both infections, as well as reducing the strain on our health care facilities. Your providers at Pinehurst Family Care Center strongly endorse the CDC's recommendation that all patients over 6 months of age receive a flu shot. We have discontinued regular flu clinics, but anyone in for an appointment may receive theirs. While most pharmacies are offering flu shots, we encourage you to come to our office so we may make sure you receive the correct one and we have documentation. We do not anticipate any vaccine shortages this year.

For our Senior patients over age 65, we recommend the High Dose Fluzone immunization which has been shown to confer better immunity in older patients than the standard shot. Also, all but the most severe egg allergies are no longer a contra-indication to receiving the flu shot, but it is recommended to receive it at our office where we can monitor your condition for a brief time after the injection. We are also offering a recombinant DNA vaccine, FluBlok, which is perfectly safe for those with egg or latex allergy and is stronger and confers better protection in patients 18-64 years old. Although, the effectiveness of the flu shot varies each year and we still don't know how well this year's vaccine will match circulating strains, it is still the most effective preventive measure you can take for yourself and your family.

Douglas E. Lam, M.D.

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